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Announcements & Rules Staff announcements, news, rules and warnings. Please read our rules & guidance notes, permitted file hosts list and banned sites list before posting.

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Default Forum Rules

Forum Rules

General Rules:

NO Underage material at all (18+ only) includes all movies, videos,pictures,games
NO Flooding any Section(Flooding is: 1 member posting majority of page)
NO Multiple accounts
NO Bumping Posts
NO Cashlinks
NO Advertising- this includes any websites, Blogs, Forums, and Streaming Video sites (Only File sharing sites are allowed)

General Posting Guidelines:

* Password protected files that are legitimately password protected are allowed.

* No bumping. (All bumped threads will be deleted).

* No topic hijacking (going off topic).

* Search for topics before posting and/or requesting. Its probably already been posted somewhere.

* Do not mini-mod. We encourage and thank members to use the report button.

* No reposting/double posting of any kind

* It is the members responsibility to read and follow these rules. Failure to read these rules is not an excuse. Failure to understand the English language is also not an excuse.

* Do not include more than one (1) video in any one post.

* Post MUST include video file size, playing time and file type (ex. 150mb x 01:40:28 x wmv).

These file hostings are only allowed at Antiq-Forum :

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Allowed & Preferred Filehosts

This post #1 contains the current list of Allowed, Banned and Preferred file hosts, image hosts and link protectors. Subsequent posts show only the history of changes reflected in this post #1.

Ce message # 1 contient la liste actuelle des hébergeurs de fichiers autorisés, interdits ou privilégiés, ainsi que les hébergeurs d'images et les liens de redirection. Les messages qui suivent montrent l'histoire des changements survenus aux éléments de ce message # 1.

Данный пост №1 (#1) содержит текущий список разрешенных, запрещенных и предпочтительных файлообменников, хостингов изображений и сервисов переадресации ссылок. Последующие посты лишь показывают историю изменений поста №1.

Dieser Beitrag (Nr.1) enthält die aktuelle Liste der erlaubten,verbotenen und bevorzugten Datei-"Hosts",Bild-"Hosts" und Link-Protektoren. Nachfolgende Beiträge geben nur die diversen Änderungen in diesem Beitrag (Nr.1) wieder.

Αυτή η # 1η ανάρτηση περιέχει τον τρέχων κατάλογο Επιτρεπόμενων, Απαγορευμένων και Προτεινόμενων εξυπηρετητών αρχείων, εξυπηρετητών εικόνων και προστατευτικών συνδέσμων. Μεταγενέστερα μηνύματα δείχνουν μόνο το ιστορικό των αλλαγών που αντικατοπτρίζεται σε αυτή την # 1η ανάρτηση.

ポスト番号#1は使用可能 (Allowed), 使用禁止 (Banned), オススメ (Preferred) のファイル・ホスト、画像ホスト、リンク・プロテクタの最新リストです。それ以降のポストは変更履歴で、そ れらはこのポスト(#1)に反映されています。

Αυτό το πρώτο θέμα περιέχει τον τρέχοντα κατάλογο των Επιτρεπομένων, Απαγορευμένων και Προτιμωμένων ιστοσελίδων που αποθηκεύουν αρχεία , εικόνες και τον κατάλογο των προστατευμένων συνδέσμων.Μεταγενέστερες αναρτήσεις δείχνουν μόνο το ιστορικό των αλλαγών που αντικατοπτρίζονται σε αυτό το πρώτο θέμα


1. These file hostings are only allowed at Antiq-Forum :

Do NOT post links requiring a premium account for download, whether or not such links are posted with non-premium mirrors.

2. These Image/Picture Hosts are preferred at Antiq - Forum:

Pimp And Host - Free image hosting and sharing

Free Image Hosting perfect for Forums, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

Fast, Free Image Hosting - ImageBam - Image Hosting and Image Upload

Image hosting and information brought to you by -

ShareNXS - Upload Images

Antiq - Free Adult Forum, we recommend to use

3. These Link Redirects are only allowed here : | Anonym surfen | link to other sites anonymously
For all posters : File host name must be typed in post whenever using link protectors.

4. These Picture/Image Hosts are banned:
10pix .ru
abload .de
cocoimage .com
dippic .com
easyloadfiles .net
elitepx .com
funnyzoneimages.hi2 .ro
hotlinkimage .com
imageban .ru
imagebanana .com
imagecarry .com
i m a g e f a p . c o m
imagehyper .com
imagekitty .com
imagepix .org
imageporter .com
images .bz
images-host .biz
imageshack .com
imageshack .us
imagesocket .com
imgbuck. com
imgchili. com
imgiga. com
imgur. com
immage. de
ipicture. ru
linkpic. ru
merryshare. com
pic2profit. com
pic4you. ru
pic5you. ru
picfoco. com
picjackal. com
picley. net
pic-mir. ru
pic.nhjnji. com
pic-upload. de
picxxx. org
pixshock. net
pornimghost. com
radikal. ru
screenlist. ru
s f w i m a g e s 4 u . c o m
sharedimages. org
sharefoco. com
skracaj. com
tinypic. com
up-pic. ru
ximages. net
x o z e . i n
fapat. me

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Starting from February 16, new posts must have a mirror to !
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