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Default My First Night As His Slave

I met John on an internet sex site. He was a dom male with a huge cock and knew how to treat a sub female like myself. After a month of online chats and Skype I agreed to meet him in real life for a night. He suggested this dive Motel that was near his home and I said yes. He told me to ask for room 22 because he'd secure it for us ahead of time. I get there and do as he says. I'm given the key and told where the room was located. As I walk to the room I can't help but notice it's the room farthest from the road, it's all the way in the back of the motel. I open the door and walk in. I look around and see a camera set up, a huge dildo, and a list of instructions that I must follow. First I had to strip down to my thong in front of the camera. Then I was to swallow the dildo as deep as possible. Finally I had to ride the dildo until I was dripping wet, but I was not allowed to orgasm. Then I was to sit and wait until he messaged me. After about 5 minutes I got a text telling me to leave the room and walk to the room next door. I had 15 seconds to get there and I was not to put any clothes on. I ran out the door and knocked on room 21. The door opened to two black men whom I didn't know. I was about to leave when one said "It took you 20 seconds to get here. Wait until I tell John." I asked "Who are you? Where's John?" He said "You'll see John after we get our money's worth. We paid for half an hour," I was grabbed and dragged into their room. For 30 minutes I was choked by 2 huge cocks, fucked until I felt they were ripping me apart, and smacked around the room in front of a camera. I was thankful that these huge cocks didn't rip open my ass though. I was still a virgin there. After taking a face full of cum, I received another text from John. He told me to go to room 20, I was not to wash up, wipe my face, or to cover up at all and I had 15 seconds to get there. I run to room 20 and knock. Again, it isn't John who answers, but it's a bachelor party of 5 guys. I beg them to tell me where John is and one says "You'll see him later. Right now is our time!" I'm grabbed into the room and thrown on to the bed. One by one they take turns fucking me in many positions in front of a camera. This went on for 30 minutes until they all came on my tits. At the end I get another text. John was now ordering me to room 19. I had 15 seconds to get there and I better show up just as I am. I run out the door and I knock. This time a man holding a ball gag opens the door. I say "Please tell me John is here?" He says "John gave me 30 minutes to punish you." He grabs my hair and drags me inside. For 30 minutes I'm tied up, whipped, slapped, gagged, fucked with huge glass cocks, then I'm forcefully face fucked until I choke on his cum. All in front of a camera again. Just as he unites me John texted again. I expected to be told to run to room 18 but instead John ordered me back to our room, room 22. I had 15 seconds to get there or else I'd pay. I ran as fast as I could. I open the door and I see John. He looks at me and smiles. He said he loved seeing me covered in so much cum from so many other men at his demand. He told me to come in and sit down on the bed. He opens his laptop and showed me a live video channel. I see myself sitting on our bed, we were live. He then went on to tell me that every room was linked to this channel. Each time a man forced his cock down my throat, made me take it all inside my pussy, and each time I was degraded and beaten, it was shown live to his website. 50,000 people were logged in to watch me get dominated. And now it was time my ass lost its virginity. He saved that for himself. He dropped his pants and ordered me to suck his cock until it was hard and wet, I couldn't believe what I saw! His cock looked huge on video chat but it never look THIS huge before! I wondered if he tricked me by showing me a smaller cock in our video chats somehow. My mouth couldn't open wide enough to take it in. He kept fucking my face until I learned to take it all in though, and until his dick was good and wet from my mouth. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me to the small round table. There were zip ties there for him to tie me down with. He said he didn't want me trying to squirm away from the pain he was about to give me. He bent me over the table face first and tied each of my thighs to a table leg, and each of my hands to a table leg. I was completely bound and bent over this table with my legs spread far apart, and my arms stretched out so tightly I couldn't move an inch of me in the slightest. I was trapped without hope. I felt him spit into my asshole and spread my cheeks far apart. He rubbed his spit all around my tight asshole. He spit a few more times right into my ass, but never applied anything more than his own fluids for lubrication. He held my ass cheeks far apart and pressed the head of his cock up against my asshole. At first it wasn't too bad when he began to push the head inside of me. I even thought that maybe I had been fearing nothing my whole life when I always backed out of anal at the last second. But then I felt the wide part of his head push inside of me. I yelled out that it hurt. He didn't care though. In fact I think that made him too excited to continue going slow with me. The next thing I knew he grabbed my hips and quickly rammed his whole cock deep inside my ass in just one fast and hard thrust. I shrieked, screaming in pain. Instantly I felt the warmth of my tears roll down my cheeks as I cried uncontrollably. I also felt something warm roll down my inner thighs. I hoped so badly that it was over and he had just cum early, but I was wrong. What I felt was my blood dripping down my thighs from my newly torn asshole. The blood was immediate since I instantly felt my once virgin asshole rip hard apart. After he held his huge, hard cock deep inside of me for a few seconds he slowly began to pull it out of me. Every movement he made inside my ass just made the pain worse. I couldn't stop crying, yelling out in pain, and begging him to please stop. He laughed at me as he then slid back into my ass slowly, as if to prolong the pain of him being the first in my tight ass. He did this over and over for about 5 minutes. I felt myself get weak from all the pain. No matter how much I screamed he just kept owning my ass with his cock. I couldn't take it. It was the worst pain I had ever felt. I felt like I was going to pass out as I started to go limp and stopped screaming. It wasn't until I became quiet that he stopped fucking me like this, but only to make me scream again. He grabbed the back of my head by my hair, pulled my head all the way back and up off the table, and slapped me hard across the face so I'd wake up. He then pinched and twisted at my nipples to make sure I was alert and feeling every bit of pain again. As soon as he was satisfied that I was once again in agony from him, he started fucking me with all the power he had. He rammed into me so hard, so fast, and so deep. I screamed out in pain louder than I had ever heard myself yell before. I guess I yelled too loudly because then he grabbed my head up off the table again, and with his other hand he squeezed my neck and throat so I couldn't breathe. He then said "Shut the fuck up you fucking bitch! Shake your head yes if you're going to be a good little slut and keep your fucking mouth shut!" I shook my head yes. He then asked me "You love my cock ripping you apart don't you? Yeah you're worthless whore who loves this cock aren't you?" He then let go of my throat so I could finally breathe enough to answer him. I cried "Yes!" He grabbed my neck again and said "It's 'yes master', and what is it that you love right now?" He let me neck go again so I could talk and I said "Yes master I love your cock tearing me apart!" He then asked me if I wanted it harder. I really didn't want it any harder but I knew I had to answer him correctly so I screamed "YES master! I want it harder!" He grabbed my tits with each hand and began pile driving his hole splitting cock deep into my ass. Each thrust slammed into me harder than the last one until he rammed himself so hard down onto me and into me that the table shot about 2 feet across the room. Then he shoved me face first into the table again and I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass as he dumped all his cum into me. I felt him filling me up. When he pulled out I felt so much of it dripping out of my shredded asshole. I felt the warmth of his fresh load running down my thighs, all the way down my legs. He picked up the camera and gave the viewers a close up of my tear covered face, my worn out body, used up pussy, and my torn, bloody, cum dripping asshole. He left me tied to the table until the last viewer jerked off to the sight of my punished body and gaping asshole, and they all signed off the site. Only then was I freed from my restraints, and allowed to clean up then leave, I left smiling even though my ass was in agony, I couldn't wait to come back to this Motel again. I couldn't wait to see what John had in store for me next
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